Every body is different and the background in the use of our bodies varies greatly per person. In group workshops we therefore only do exercises that are suitable for everyone. Yet they are sufficiently challenging to offer the confrontation with our own physical patterns that are a reflection of how we react in everyday situations. The workshops provide insights for both the experienced athlete as for those less accustomed to working with the body.

HandenIn the practice we consistently make connections with the daily reality of Western society. Whether it is about your relationship with your spouse, children, colleagues or as a manager with your employees. These connections we partly make by applying a framework that is the red thread throughout the program. We create this framework at an individual level by using:

  • Clear and simple theory
  • Advocate and strengthen your authentic core value
  • Self-reflection and evaluation

During the workshops we create a safe atmosphere in which every one feels free to be themselves and offer and receive support from each other. Inclusiveness is the key word here.

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