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Mind your Move provides body oriented workshops and personal training. By simulating (stressful) situations from our daily lives we evoke patterns and reactions that are often dysfunctional. These are (unconscious) patterns in relation with self and others from which one speaks and acts.

When under pressure or stress one’s focus narrows from a calm overview to fixation on the problem. Creativity, communication and efficiency are threatened which makes the situation an easy prey to conflicts.

Mind your Move provides accessible physical interventions derived from martial arts and meditation, which easily recovers a broad view and calm mind. This has led to a full program in which experiences of embodiment are key. By being aware of your body you begin to realize that just a simple shift of your body can greatly affect your perception of a situation, your inner peace and therefore the action that arises from the state. This increases your problem-solving ability. The potential for conflict and burnout in the long run will decrease considerably.

Subsequently you will begin to learn that communication is 70% dependent on what your body tells you and your surroundings. You will start to move from your authentic values and speak different body language. You lay the foundations from which verbal communication naturally flows. The exercises will help you to stay true to your core values in challenging situations. If you live from that inner strength you take leadership over your life and you are an inspiration to others.

Mind your Move offers you tools to stay true to your values. Whether you want be a leading example to your children, a competent colleague or supervisor or if you simply want to live your own example. Furthermore you get to know your own body and learn to sense when your body needs relaxation for healthy functioning.

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