Hart in BoomMind your Move is the result of a passion for the intrinsic wisdom that the human body carries within, and the belief that many people hardly if at all make use of it. When we face a challenge or problem, most of us immediately try to solve the problem by fixating on it and come up with a solution within a narrow frame we create in the situation. The sensations that go through the body and the hormones that are produced greatly affect our cognitive performance and the extent to which the creative mind still has space to emerge. The so-called ‘out of the box’ thinking is threatened here. This happens when we do something exciting, such as giving a presentation, when the workload is high or when someone speaks to you in a way that evokes emotions.

When we, as perhaps in the described situations above, communicate and act from emotions or the first thought that comes up chances of conflict or any other unwanted effect are high. The vision of your Mind Move is to provide access to simple, proven physical interventions to create inner peace and overview and stimulate creativity. Communication and actions that come from calmness and overview are likely to be constructive whereas acting and speaking form emotions or the first thought are often destructive in relation to one’s intrinsic values or intentions.

In the knowledge and methods that Move your Mind uses, experience and embodiment are key, supported by theory if possible. Workshops consist of 80% practice and 20% theory.